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EDGARBrowser empowers the XBRL community to interact with the XBRL reports submitted to the US SEC's EDGAR system.

EDGARBrowser was created to be a free and open-source tool to research XBRL-formatted EDGAR filings. EDGARBrowser relies on TeleFacts to render the XBRL report. EDGARBrowser has a back-end web service implemented with a golang docker container. EDGARBrowser's web user interface is a static-site generated nextjs web app that is codenamed "snakebane-patrick". The golang docker container consumes the US SEC's EDGAR APIs to retrieve the XBRL-formatted filings.

EDGARBrowser can browse historical EDGAR filings as far back as 2016. EDGARBrowser's XBRL renderer has only been tested to as far back as 2016 where XBRL 2.1, XBRL Dimension 1.0, and UTF8 encoding are known to be used.

Releases can be found in the following locations:

If there is feedback or request for support, send them via email: contact@ecksbee.com